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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

"African American Dialects and Schooling: A Review of Vernacular Black English"

Dr Stephanie Evans.

African American dialects (variously known as "nonstandard English," "nonstandard Black English," "Black Vernacular English," "Vernacular Black English,: "Standard Black English," "Negro Speech,: and so on) constitute a controversial issue in american education. This chapter reviews the research debates about the nature of African American dialects, with an emphasis on the attitudes and behaviors of teachers in shaping the achievement behaviors and school adjustments of African American pupils.

Because the issues surrounding African American dialects are so vast, and because the state of knowledge concerning appropriate interventions is so limited, our focus is on providing practitioners with a general introduction that highlights the key principles in teaching children who speak an African American dialect. Our focus is also limited to the situation in the United States, because the relationship between schooling and African American dialects outside of the United States (e.g., the Caribbean, Central America, south America) is beyond our expertise.


Dr Stephanie Evans  (United States)
Educational Psychology and Coordinator of Urban Learning,
California State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Evans is currently the Associate Chairperson and coordinator of the Urban Learning Program at California State University, Los Angeles. she has authored several books and articles in Urban Education. She is a popular guest speaker on television in the Los Angeles area.

  • African American Schooling
  • Black student achievement
  • Teaching strategies for African American non-standard English

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)