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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Developing Innovation in eLearning

Maggie McPherson, Miguel Baptista Nunes.

As eLearning becomes a more mainstream activity, educationalists in Higher Education are finding themselves under pressure to put their courses “online”. The workshop is intended for all those dealing with eLearning, both at administrative and academic levels and proposes Action Research (AR) as a pluralist research approach to supporting innovative thinking and investigation into eLearning. The first aim of the workshop is to present a specific educational informatics framework to support this type of inquiry. This is based on five main spheres of influence that impact on the introduction of eLearning; Organizational Context, Technological Considerations, Curriculum Development, Educational Systems Design, and Course Delivery. In this context, a specific educational AR model, grounded on practitioner reflection, will be offered as a guide for educationalists to develop innovative eLearning courses. The second aim of the workshop is to try and encourage participants to think about these areas in relation to their own experience. The workshop will look at establishing Critical Success Factors (CSFs) associated with change related to implementation of eLearning. CSFs are crucial issues that must be addressed for eLearning initiatives to flourish. Through the use of CSF analysis, participants will be asked to discuss and develop a considered response to the design, development and implementation of eLearning in terms of risks and quality standards in each of the five areas outlined in the eLearning Framework presented above. The workshop will itself adopt an action research approach, collecting CSFs discussed and proposed by delegates, analyzing and then compiling these into a final report for publication.


Maggie McPherson  (United Kingdom)
Department of Information Studies
University of Sheffield

Maggie McPherson is a lecturer in the Dept. of Information Studies, University of Sheffield. Her research interests are related to the fields of IT Management and Educational Informatics. Her interest in IT Management relates to organisational and strategic issues. In this capacity, she has been responsible for managing an EU funded project that culminated in an MA in IT Management. This programme has been running for seven years and forms the basis for Action Research within the field of Educational Informatics. Within the latter field, her primary interest has been in Continuing Professional Distance Education, incorporating active learning, learning theories, educational instructional design, information systems design, web-design, hypermedia and computer-supported collaborative work. She has been jointly responsible for the Sheffield contribution to a number of other EU projects that involved collaboration with various European Universities and academic institutions in this area. This work has resulted in a number of publications and conference presentations as listed in her detailed CV ( Her current research involves an investigation into the Critical Success Factors for Managing eLearning.

Miguel Baptista Nunes  (United Kingdom)

  • eLearning
  • Online learning
  • Developing innovation
  • Action research
  • Critical success factors

(60 min. Workshop, English)