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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Enhancing Young Childrens' Self-concept through the use of Multiple Intelligences

Vasiliki Mitsiouli, Domna Kakana, Sotiriou Apostolos.

The aim of present research was to investigate how an instruction organized with Gardner’s model effect the self-concept’ s enhancement of preschool’s children.

For this purpose an intervention designed which was based on the multidimentional model of self-concept and Gardner’ s model of multiple intelligences as well.

The intervention was applied in two kindergartens which consisted of 32 children.

The intervention’s assessment became with pro and post-measurements, and comparisons made with a group control.

The measurement of self-concept made in the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance for Young Children (Harter and Pike, 1984). The assessment of multiple intelligences made with Observational checklists for mutiple intelligences, which were completed from both of them, teachers and parents and Teele Inventory for Multiple Intelligences, (Teele, 1997).

The data of research are under processing. The analysis of current results shows that there is a little correlation between self-concept’s dimensions and multiple intelligences.


Vasiliki Mitsiouli  (Greece)
post-graduate student
Department of Pre-school Education
University of Thessaly

I've been a teacher in kindergarten for 15 years. I have: 1) Degree of Teacher Training College, 2) Degree of Department of Pre-school Education of University of Thessaly and 3) Master of Early Childhood Education. Now I'm currently working out my doctoral dissertation at Department of Pre-school Education, University of Thessaly

Domna Kakana  (Greece)

Sotiriou Apostolos  (Greece)

  • Early childhood education
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Young children
  • Self-concept

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