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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Food Land and People: Resource for Agricultural and Environmental Education

Dr Mark McJunkin, Dr. David Agnew.

Organized in 1988, Project Food, Land, and People (FLP) provides educators with high-quality, balanced and easily-integrated instructional materials, focusing on the complexity and interdependence of agricultural, environmental, economic and cultural issues. Lessons in these subject areas are used to advance knowledge of science and math and social studies. As a non-profit organization, FLP provides common ground for organizations and individuals representing a diversity of interests and perspectives relating to agriculture, environment and education, to develop quality educational resources for all levels of teaching. FLP exists to meet critical needs in education as identified by a wide group of professionals in education, industry, agriculture, and public and private natural resource agencies.
The FLP workshop will include the following lessons:

Fruits and Veggies (Pre K-4)--Students identify and compare fruits and other edible plant parts through a fast paced game.
Trash Bashing (Grades 1-12) - By conducting a small group sorting activity, students learn the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste. Students then develop plans to change personal behaviors.
Banking on Seeds (Grades 3-7) -- The critical role that seeds play in the world is explored through creating a seed bank and comparing uses of seeds.
Almost Six Billion and Still Growing! (Grades 7-12) - Students graph historical and projected world populations to understand that human populations grow exponentially and examine the many circumstances that affect birth rates and death rates.

Sample lessons will be provided to participants.


Dr Mark McJunkin  (United States)

Arkansas State University

Dr. David Agnew  (United States)
Associate Professor
College of Agriculture
Arkansas State University

Dr. David Agnew is Associate Professor of Agricultural Education and is Co-director of Arkansas Food Land and People.

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  • Environment
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  • Culture

(60 min. Workshop, English)