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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Career Development and Learning in the Workplace: A New Deal for A New Economy

Ismi Arif Ismail.

Career may reflect individual’s perception of who they are (Collin & Young, 2000). Career development works towards the construction of self-identity. Current career development literatures suggest that in the `new economy’ and/or `knowledge economy’, career survival and growth will rely more on improvisation and persistent learning (Arthur et al, 1999). This `new learning’ involves reciprocal construction between the individuals’ proactive `learning at the workplace’ and what workplaces afford them (Billett, 2002). Informed by the biographical research tradition, this paper explored professors’ career development through their life events and experiences. The empirical and practical findings of the study may provide possible learning pathways for other academics in particular and others in general, in navigating their early, mid and late career stages.


Ismi Arif Ismail  (United Kingdom)
Department of Professional Development and Continuing Education Faculty of Educational Studies
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Ismi Arif Ismail is a lecturer at the Department Of Professional Development and Continuing Education, Faculty Of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Currently, he is a student reading for the degree of Ph.D in Continuing Education at the Institute Of Education, University Of Warwick. His areas of specialisation are in continuing education, leadership and human resource development.

  • Career Development
  • Learning in the Workplace
  • Academic Career
  • Construction of identity
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