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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Technology Tools for Learning about Culture

Dr Katerina T. Frantzi, Maria Kasviki.

Whether technology and human values can coexist is an issue even today. The case is such since there are many ways that technology can be used. Technology has been proved to be able to harm human values and humans themselves. However, it should not be forgotten that technology really exists to help humans in many aspects of their life. When used properly, it does not only help them in everyday matters but also in issues regarding culture, ethics and the preservation of human values.
In this paper we are presenting an application of technology use in learning about culture. It is important for a society to know its culture for its best move to the future. Culture gives identity and diversity in today’s world, preserving and protecting human values. The objective of our study is the local traditional songs from the area of Dodecanisa in Greece. These songs initially given from grandparents to grandchildren orally, later in written form, keep a lot from a society’s culture. Besides the linguistic characteristics of the language use they can give, they show lots of other non-linguistic features. They give peoples’ everyday concerns, relations, hopes, beliefs and values. Though some of the above characteristics can be relatively easily recognized when reading such songs, we use corpus linguistics techniques for their formal and precise exploitation. These techniques have made possible the accurate and complete study of such kind of work that could not be achieved as such if done without the use of technology.


Dr Katerina T. Frantzi  (Greece)
Academic Staff
Department of the Mediterranean Studies Faculty of Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies
University of the Aegean

Katerina T. Frantzi got her first degree in Informatics from the National University of Athens, Greece, 1992, and her PhD (Corpus Linguistics) from MMU in collaboration with UMIST, Manchester, England, 1998. Since 1999 she is at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.

Maria Kasviki  (Greece)

Dept. of the Mediterranean Studies
University of the Aegean

  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Corpus Linguistics

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