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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Using Electronic Attendance Registers to Aid Adult Learner Success

Eleri Bowen, Dr Trevor Price, Steve Lloyd, Steve Thomas.

The vast expansion in the higher education sector in recent years has led to an increasing number of non-traditional students entering higher education. During the same period, a significant body of research has emerged regarding factors that effect adult learning performance in higher education. The adult learner experience in higher education is complex. Internal factors such as self-awareness, motivation and confidence, and external factors such as institutional learner support arrangements, accommodation and family background all play a part in learner success, and should all be considered when creating student support mechanisms.

Attendance has long been used by researchers as a proxy for internal student motivation, however attendance monitoring in higher education is fraught with difficulties. Factors such as time constraints on academic members of staff and the lack of centralised systems all hinder the effectiveness of data, including the ability to manipulate and interrogate attendance data. Focusing upon attendance monitoring as the first step in the process of enhancing adult learner performance, this paper presents a view of professional practice as undertaken in a modern British University. How it differs from theory, how it effects learner performance and what can/should be improved.

The School of Technology at the University of Glamorgan has devised a web based attendance monitoring system in order to resolve the problems that compromise the effectiveness of traditional attendance monitoring systems. This pilot study is supplying accurate, high quality data which may be used to identify and support ‘at risk’ students. Enabling academic/support staff to intervene at an early stage, assisting in promoting approaches which enhance student success.


Eleri Bowen  (United Kingdom)
Research Assistant
School of Technology
University of Glamorgan

Eleri works as a Research Assistant for the University of Glamorgan. Focusing her research on two European funded projects. Her main interests lie in the role of key skills development and widening participation in higher education

Dr Trevor Price  (United Kingdom)

Steve Lloyd  (United Kingdom)

Steve Thomas

  • Higher Education
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Adult Learners
  • Retention
  • Withdrawal

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)