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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

No Child Left Behind: Inclusion

Dr Christy Carroll, Dr Angie Howard.

As educators and leaders in the community and state move forward to make significant change in education strategies in k12 education, a significant reform movement is being developed and implemented across the nation. The movement includes the synopsis that education is only truly implemented when all children are included and inclusion means " at the level where they can successfully achieve ." Educators are reviewing and successfully changing their ideas and methodologies so as to move into a new generation of educating those that have been left behind. "No child left behind" will give each and every student the opportunity to become a productive citizen and give back to their community and nation at large. Statistics and research related to how this was derived and will be successfully implemented will be shared and discussed. Future plans will also be discussed and inclusion of all nations will be highlighted as well with significant discussion and implementation ideas derived and shared.


Dr Christy Carroll  (United States)
Arkansas State University

Christy Carroll: Professor for 25 years in education with a concentration in special education, elementary and secondary education, technology and psychology

Dr Angie Howard  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Education Faculty
Arkansas State University

Dr. Howard specializes in early childhood education and middle school education. She was a classroom teacher for 15 years.

  • No Child Left Behind

(30min Paper Presentation, English)