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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Career Development for Indigenous Students in Australian Universities: Personal and Professional Resilience for the Future

Sharon Lesley Galleguillos, Assoc. Prof. Diana Day, Patricia Davidson.

This paper examines the poor representation of Indigenous students in Australian University education. Low student numbers obscure a growing Indigenous population with poor socio-economic, health and educational experience and outcomes. Australia's need for fresh cultural paradigms in everything from land use to environmental management to education, to health necessitates accelerated participation of Indigenous students and academics in research, teaching and public policy development. Often secondary schooling fails Indigenous students where there is insufficient emphasis on appropriate teaching processes. Neglect of important organisational and personal mentoring encouragement and support of Indigenous students in undergraduate and post graduate environments necessitates new approaches. The positive experience of the University of Sydney, Koori Centre HSC Enrichment Camp for senior high shool students, its Cadigal program for undergraduate student access and support, and, academic support for Indigenous academics undertaking postgraduate degrees, indicates a positive direction for change. We are all challenged by the need for career resilience in our personal and professional lives, so this analysis also shows how career management can be approached strategically by Indigenous Aboriginal students and staff in academe.


Sharon Lesley Galleguillos  (Australia)

Koori Centre
University of Sydney

Assoc. Prof. Diana Day  (Australia)
Academic Research Development
Koori Centre
University of Sydney

A/Professor Day is a social and physical scientist who has held senior roles in an academia and the public sector in water and environmental management. She holds directorships of Australian agri-business corporation and consults in consults in career development and research and development strategy.

Patricia Davidson  (Australia)

  • Australian Indigenoue Education
  • Indigenous Researchers
  • Careers
  • Academic Careers
  • Tertiary Education
  • Personal Transfromations

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)