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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

A Salon--Global Challenges: Race, Class and Education in the New Millennium

Dr. Consuella Lewis, Dr Sharon Bailey.

What are the purposes of education? How is education linked to equality?
This presentation will examine the role that political economic theory and critical race theory plays in helping to understand racial and class disparities in student access, achievement and success in higher education. These theories will be applied comparatively in a global context. A US school district and land grant universities will be compared to the educational system in Cuba--as a developing country-- with respect to literacy rates, achievement gaps, funding (resource allocation), access and success. Through the lens of critical race theory and political economic theory, the presenters will examine the political, social and economic factors which contribute to representation or under-representation of ethnic populations in each of the aforementioned setting. The presenters will identify factors that will contribute to the development of inclusive learning communities and to the development of educational systems which will foster competencies for students amidst rapid technological changes. What lessons can be learned from an educational system in a developing country? This question has profound implications for the change process in educational reform and social equality.

About the Salon

A salon is a gathering of persons of varied interest and talents for the purpose of discourse on matters pertaining to civic engagement. This workshop will have the same format as a salon, where participants will reach their own conclusions and frame the questions for the discourse based upon information provided by the presenters/facilitators.


Dr. Consuella Lewis  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Administrative and Policy Studies Department
University of Pittsburgh

Dr Sharon Bailey  (United States)
Policy Associate II
Policy Analysis and Research
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

  • Education and Equality

(60 min. Workshop, English)