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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The KaryaNet; Malaysia's EBook Portal: The Development of Knowledge Online

Dahlina Daut Mohmud.

The KaryaNet, an e-book portal is a grand ambitious plan to gather all Malaysian scholars and writers in a virtual production house with the aim of disseminating knowledge and providing research resource for users in the Malay language all over the Malay speaking nations. With a generous grant from the government, the project hopes to bring together Malaysia's research centres and higher institutions in contributing, producing and disseminating higher learning materials online for students, scholars and researchers in all fields, in line with the Government's Vision 2020. This paper attemps to share the experience of developing The KaryaNet, its visions and missions, the barriers in developing and implementing this new venue of online resource and the success story behind the scene.


Dahlina Daut Mohmud  (United Kingdom)
Doctoral Researcher
Enterprise Integration, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science
Cranfield University

Born in Malaysia in 1964. Science Boarding school, Malaysia: 1980-1982
Graduated from The National University of Malaysia 1989 with an Hons. degree in Microbiology. Diploma in Translation in the field of Science & Tech. in 1991. Became an Editor at The Institute of Language and Literary Malaysia 1990-now. Under sponsorship by the Institute, graduated with The Master of Science in Multimedia Computing from The University of Central Lancashire, UK and at the moment is a doctoral researcher at Cranfield University

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(30 min. Conference Paper, English)