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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Teaching Content to Students of English: Materials and Strategies

Dr. Eileen Ariza, Dr Susanne Lapp, Diane Pett, Kristine Weller, Dr Sally Robison.

Global immigration makes a tremendous impact on schools and teachers are obligated to teach academic content to non native speakers of English along with native English speakers. Because students speak a variety of languages, bilingual education is not an option in many cases. Therefore, the mainstream teacher must be knowledgeable about strategies and methods that will result in successful instruction. This presentation focuses on adapting mainstream materials and utilizing teaching strategies that will ensure that the English language learner will receive comprehensible academic input.


Dr. Eileen Ariza  (United States)
Associate Professor
Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Eileen N. Ariza is an Associate Professor of TESOL at Florida Atlantic University where she teaches inservice and preservice teachers to teach student who are not native English speakers.

Dr Susanne Lapp  (United States)
Associate Professor of Reading and Language Arts
Department of Teacher Education
Florida Atlantic University

Lapp teaches preservice and inservice teachers about methods of reading, literacy, and diagnosis of literacy issues. Her research interests are in the areas of literacy, and teacher education.

Diane Pett  (United States)

Kristine Weller  (United States)

Dr Sally Robison  (United States)
Asst. Professor of Mathematics Education
College of Education
Florida Atlantic University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education K-16
Research interests include Improvements in Mathematics Teaching K-16, Technology Usage, Misconceptions in Mathematics, and TESOL Mathematics

  • ESOL
  • ESOL Content Strategies

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)