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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

e-Learning in High Education

Dr. Orna Lavi Steiner, Dr Zwi Segal.

The global post-modern organization must establish a system enabling a permanent process of knowledge acquisition through interacive learning. Mainly, by proposing the learner virtual instruments since virtual training acts on the basic assumption that learning and knowledge acquisition are to a large extent the learner reponsibility. This case study exploers the experience of adopting an IDL system - Interactive Distance Learning - a teaching and learning system based on satellite and computer technology. Even though that new teaching methods are adopted in all academic institutions in the world, a university regarding itself as a Custom Oriented Organization has to make sure that the new sytems meet students needs while keeping high teaching standards. There is no precedent of large scales computerized communication teaching in the academic sector while using staff form multi national extensions with a unique cross-cultural technological system. The results indicate that the feadibility and the success of IDL systeins relay essentially on cultural adaptation and student understanding of the learning process. The future implications of the results are discussed.


Dr. Orna Lavi Steiner  (Israel)
senior academic staff
organizational behavior
braude academic college

Dr Zwi Segal  (Israel)

  • Distance learning
  • e-Learning

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)