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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Assessing Electronic Literacies

Dr Heather Hemming, Dr Sonya Symons, Lisa Langille.

As electronic literacies gain increasing prevalence in today’s society, workforce literacy programs are faced with the need for instruction focused on writing in electronic contexts. With this, writing assessment in electronic environments may require some attention whereas electronic writing differs from traditional print composition. This study explores the assessment of electronic discussion entries produced by 47 workforce literacy participants over 10 writing sessions. The sessions were focused on three strategies for writing in electronic contexts: expressing/explaining a viewpoint, asking pertinent questions, and writing effective responses. The strategies were used for responding electronically to real-life case studies focused on various workforce situations. Participants’ entries were scored in terms of both quantity and quality. The quantity was measured in terms of number of words and number of sentences. The quality of writing was assessed using a combination of direct writing measures. This paper will describe the context of the writing sessions, the development and implementation of the scoring schemes, as well as the findings.


Dr Heather Hemming  (Canada)
School of Education
Acadia University

Dr Sonya Symons  (Canada)

School of Education
Acadia University

Lisa Langille  (Canada)

School of Education
Acadia University

  • Assessment
  • Electronic writing
  • Workforce literacy

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