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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Evaluating Trainee Teachers: What can Pupils tell us

John Edwards.

The project seeks to explore the potential for involving pupils in the evaluation of trainee teachers' progress towards meeting the Standards for Newly Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales.
It is, essentially, an "unfolding study" and the design is therefore broad based in nature but susceptible to closer focus as the project progresses. it consists of a 27 month longitudinal study employing qualitative data gathering methods which attempt to develop an enhanced model of trainee teacher evaluation involving school pupils and trainee teachers, building on the existing structure of systematic observation and professional dialogue currently operated in relation to the UK Department of Education and Skills (DfES) Standards for Qualified Teacher Status.
The design involves the establishment of an evaluative case study to examine current and potential practice in the training of teachers within an Initial Teacher Training Partnership. The case study seeks to establish what current practice achieves in preparing trainees for their professional role in the classroom and explores what "value added" might be obtained by the involvement of pupils in the process. Such "value added" should be seen as accruing to pupils, mentors and trainees and seeks to better inform the totality of the training experience.


John Edwards  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer
School of Education & Continuing Studies
University of Portsmouth

John Edwards has worked in education in the UK for thirty-two years. For sixteen years he taught English Language and Literature in State Maintained Secondary Schools and in adult education institutions. Since 1988 he has worked as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Continuing Studies at Portsmouth University, having taught on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is currently Course Leader for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education, a programme which trains students to teach English in secondary schools in England and Wales.
His recent research has focused on the developments in Initial Teacher Training in the UK since the advent of government involvement and intervention in this field over the past twenty years. He is particularly interested in evaluating the criteria set by government for gaining Qualified Teacher Status and the processes by which trainee teachers attempt to meet the Standards set. In particular he is researching the potential contribution that pupils can offer to trainee teachers’ developing practice through a process of formal observations and feedback to trainees during their school placements.

  • Evaluation
  • Student Voice
  • Trainee Teachers

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)