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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Multiple Literacies: Children's Books and the Arts

Dr. Suzanne M. Rose.

This session will explore the interrelationships between traditional literacy and the arts. Both literacy and the arts focus on making meaning and communication. They also provide humans with a voice with which we can express our thoughts and feelings and enrich and expand our understanding of the world around us. Both literacy and the arts are understood and produced in the context of personal experience and are processes that involve the authoring/artists' cycle. Both literacy and the arts are best learned through active and meaningful experiences in an environment where risk-taking and divergent thinking are valued.
Reader response theory and transmediation will be explained and explored as venues through which students can express their ideas about text through the arts.
Children's literature can be used to support students' growth in both literacy and creative arts. All participants in this session will be actively involved in demonstrations of strategies and ideas for the integration of the arts into the literacy classroom. These activities and strategies will emphasize process, not product and will be based on standards for literacy and the arts.
The "arts" to be included in the session include the visual arts, music, drama, and movement/dance. There will be an emphasis on artists from underrepresented groups, including multicultural and women artists.


Dr. Suzanne M. Rose  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Education
College of Education, Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Slippery Rock University

  • Literacy
  • Arts
  • Multiple Literacies
  • Transmediation
  • Reader response

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