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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Teaching Aboriginal Values Indigenous Worldviews: My Values/Your Problems

Jeanine Leane.

Modern western educational institutions have never been a site for Indigenous people to succeed as Indigenous people. The western world view which is singular, static and individualistic locates Indigenous values such as communal ownership, language and different concepts of space and time as problematic. Indigenous students are forced into a 'deficit model' because of this. Furthermore the curriculum isolates Indigenous students through the use of content and language.
This paper decentralises western eurocentric values and encourages teachers to consider another worldview. It also offers an insight into the 'subjugated histories' which exist parallel to the official colonial histories for Indigenous people.
It is a reality in modern Australia that most Indigenous students will be taught by non Indigenous teachers. As an Aboriginal educator I am concerned with deconstructing or at least making transparent eurocentric ways of knowing and seeing the world as part of a larger social justice educational agenda.


Jeanine Leane  (Australia)
Academic Coordinator
Science, Health and Design
University of Canberra

Jeanine Leane is a Wirradjuri woman from south western NSW. Before coming to higher education she has had extensive experience as a high school teacher. She is passionate about alternative pedagogies.

  • Indigenous
  • Values
  • Worldview
  • Alternative
Person as Subject
  • Battiste, Marie Frere Paulo

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)