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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Educational Multimedia and Learning: How the "Learning Object" is used to enhance student-learning outcomes.

Paul O'Neill.

For Interactive Multimedia (IMM) to establish an important role in teaching and learning it is necessary for teachers to redesign the way they structure and deliver learning experiences that are based around multimedia components (Laurillard, 1994). Interactive Multimedia continues to evolve as teachers, instructional designers and programmers develop a better understanding of how this technology assists the learner. One current teaching tool that is emerging in educational multimedia is the Learning Object (LO). Learning Objects essentially are not a new concept, but have a broad range of identities. Examples include multimedia content, instructional content, learning objectives, instructional software and software tools, and persons, organizations, or events referenced during technology-supported learning. This paper will focus on multimedia based learning objects as teaching tools. It will identify aspects of a learning object and explore the pedagogical implications for teaching and learning.


Paul O'Neill  (Australia)
Faculty of Education and Creative Arts
Central Queensland University Noosa

Paul O’Neill was born in Emerald, Central Queensland, Australia. The son of an itinerant bank manager required mobility and the family eventually settled in Brisbane. Paul completed senior schooling at Marist College, Ashgrove and went on to study a Diploma of teaching at the Brisbane College of Education. Paul graduated as a high school teacher and worked in high schools for 15 years teaching in the industrial and creative arts field.
A career change led to private enterprise where Paul bought a restaurant and conference centre in the busy seaside resort of Noosa. Engaging in Masters study with the intent of moving into the hospitality training industry eventually led Paul to his current University employment.He is currently working in a partnership arrangement with Education Qld and Central Qld University, teaching in the new teacher education program called the Bachelor of Learning Management. This program aims to train beginning teachers who are workplace ready and futures oriented. Involvement in Communication Technologies ICT's for learning initiatives and writing online courses have opened up an exciting and innovative new focus for training teachers for the classroom of the future. Online material and delivering and designing online courses has been a major focus of Paul's work in the BLM program. Paul is also involved with lecturing in the Arts, Learning Management, SOSE, Futures, managing the Portal Task work and the teaching school program.
Paul Completed a Master of Education in Further Education and Training in 2002, and is currently working towards a Doctor of Education looking at the area of organisational capability, in particular the effect of capability on the effective training of new teachers.

  • Educational Multimedia
  • Digital learning objects
  • Learning objects
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Pedagogy
  • Communication technologies

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