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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Insiders and Outsiders: Understanding the Implicit Curriculum

Dr. Susan Fleming, Nancy Letts.

This workshop will be framed around understanding and examining the Insider/Outsider dynamic that is inherent in society and reflected in the implicit curriculum in schools. The Insider's lens presents barriers against seeing and understanding those cultural conditions for learning, even as the implicit curriculum confers power to those whose views mirror the dominant culture.
The challenge, therefore, for educational practice is to find an authentic way for each person to name her world. This experiential workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to examine this premise through a seminar format, one which offers early learners as well as adults an opportunity to construct meaning through dialogue and reflection. We will focus on the belief that all participants are capable of serious discourse, because critical pedagogy must prepare students to be their own agents for social change, their own creators of democratic culture.


Dr. Susan Fleming  (United States)
Program Director
Teacher Education Program
Goddard College

Susan Fleming currently serves as the program director of Goddard College's Teacher Education Program. She has served the public schools in California and Massachusetts for over 30 years as teacher, guidance counselor, high school principal and superintendent. Her advanced degrees include a master's degree from Santa Clara University in counseling psychology and a doctorate degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in teaching, curriculum, learning and environment.

Nancy Letts  (United States)

  • Insiders/outsiders
  • Implicit curriculum
  • Critical pedagogy

(60 min. Workshop, English)