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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Technology in Early Childhood Literacy Development: Exploring the Family Technology Literacy Environment

Dr. Regina Chatel.

The role of technology in early childhood education is highly controversial. Technology critics suggest that technology in schools wastes energy, time, financial resources, and childhood itself (Cordes & Miller, 2000). Advocates of technology suggest that children should have the advantages of new technologies. They are concerned that even though wonderful things are being done with children and computers, we may not be using the technology to its fullest potential (Kleiman, 2000; NAEYC, 1996). I’d like to suggest that many children their parents have moved the discussion from “Should young children use computers?” to a more controversial dialogue. Their home experiences demand discussions that focus on “What are appropriate and meaningful uses of technology with children?” “How can parents and educators take advantage of the power of technology to enhance children's learning?” “How are parents fostering technology literacy development at home and how can these practices be applied in the classroom?” (Coiro, 2001; Van Scoter, Ellis & Railsback, 2001). This paper focuses on exploring the home environment which fosters technology literacy development.
It is proposed here, that the home environment which fosters successful technology acquisition by young children draws on a model of literacy acquisition based on successful conditions of literacy learning at home (Anderson, Hiebert, Scott & Wilkinson, 1985; Cambourne, 1988; Cambourne & Turbill, 1987; Holdaway, 1979). There seems to be a logical connection between the learning experiences at home and the learning experiences at school which warrants more research and exploration. Educators can use technology effectively to further student learning by creating a match between the way children learn and the way we teach.


Dr. Regina Chatel  (United States)
Associate Professor of Reading/English Language Arts
Education Department
Saint Joseph College

Dr. Regina Chatel is an Associate Professor of Reading/English Language Arts at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT where she teacher undergraduate and graduate courses in reading, English Language Arts, and literacy development in the content areas. Before coming to Saint Joseph College, she taught English and Social Studies at the secondary level, was a Language Arts Consultant in grades K-12, and a Professional Development Specialist working with teachers and administrators on improvement of program, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In her current faculty role, Dr. Chatel writes and conducts research on the effects of integrating technology into preservice teacher preparation courses, alternative forms of assessment, and formulating parent-school collaborations in an urban setting. She is the editor/author of the “Computers in the Classroom” department of the New England Reading Association Journal.

  • Early Childhood Technology Environment

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