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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Service Learning: A Tool to Broaden the Cross- Cultural Sensitivity of Teacher Candidates

Dr. Elinor L. Brown, Bobby Howard, Katherine Lowther.

One year alternative routes to teacher certification are rapidly growing options to traditional four-year programs. The time constraints of these programs often preclude effectively raising the multicultural cognizance of their teacher candidates. However, education researchers indicate that to effectively teach the growing heterogeneous student population, future teachers must possess cross-cultural competence.
This five year study used both empirical and qualitative data to investigate the relationship between service learning and the cross-cultural instructional competence and classroom management sensitivity of teacher candidates' enrolled in a fifth year site-based teacher education program. Data was gathered from the reflective journals, group discussions, reports and likert scale questionnaires of the study participants and from the individual interviews and focus group responses of principals and cooperating teachers.
The study results indicate that the inclusion of service learning in teacher education programs can raise cross-cultural consciousness thereby augmenting competence in effective instruction, student/teacher interaction and classroom management.


Dr. Elinor L. Brown  (United States)
Professor of Teacher Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction College of Education
University of Kentucky

Elinor Brown's research interests Include: the relationship of self-concept to cross-cultural sensitivity, multicultural teacher education, cultural diversity pedagogy, and the influence of social class structure on the academic and social development of children. I teach graduate level: foundation of education, teacher preparation, research in multicultural education, education in a culturally diverse society, and student teaching. I have presented at both national (AERA, NAME) and international conferences ( China, Zimbabwe) and published in major journals ( JTE, Urban Education

Bobby Howard  (United States)

Master's in Secondary Education Program
University of Kentucky

Katherine Lowther  (United States)

Master's in Secondary Education Program
University of Kentucky

  • Service-learning
  • Cultural diversity
  • Teacher education
  • Alternative certification

(60min Workshop, English)