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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

College Students' Assessment of Their Learning and Instruction: The Use of Technology to Promote Human Interaction

Dr Jean A. Steitz, Dr Susan Magun-Jackson.

The present study reports on two outcomes from an ongoing project in the College of Education at the University of Memphis to assess the uses of technology to: promote student learning; increase the quality and continuity of instruction across multiple course sections; and facilitate student access to a learning community. The University of Memphis is a large urban university in Memphis, Tennessee with an ethnically and socio-economically diverse student population. The two outcome variables reported at this time are how students' (N=294) assessed their own learning and how students' rated their instructors within the technology enriched environment. The context for data analysis was multiple regression. With both outcomes, the extent and quality of the human interactions were key, both student-student interactions and faculty-student interactions. The implications for the utilization of technology to improve student learning within higher education are discussed


Dr Jean A. Steitz  (United States)
Professor in Educational Psychology & Research
College of Education
The University of Memphis

Dr Jean A. Steitz, Professor and Program Coordinator, Educational Psychology and Research, The University of Memphis-Tennessee, USA. Her main research and teaching focus is on human development and learning across the lifespan. She has numerous publications in the area of human development and the use of technology in higher education. E-mail:

Dr Susan Magun-Jackson  (United States)

College of Education
The University of Memphis

  • College Students
  • Technology
  • Human Interaction
  • Learning & Instruction

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