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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

EngQuest: Encouraging Student Interest in Technology, Science and Engineering

Lynette Joyce French.

EngQuest is a competition for students in all schools, Government, Catholic and independent from Prep to Year 10 in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is an initiative by Engineers Australia, Victoria Division and the aim of the competition is to engage student interest in technology, science and engineering.
Tasks suitable for the widely differing age groups were devised with support materials for teachers provided both online and posted on request.
The tasks were structured to increase student awareness in engineers and engineering as there is a growing need for engineers in our community. The tasks were linked to curriculum outcomes in the Victorian Curriculum Standards Framework in the areas of technology and science with some links to language and studies of society and the environment.
Spin offs from the competition were links with tertiary institutions engineering faculties and engineer speakers going into the schools to work with students.


Lynette Joyce French  (Australia)
Education Program Co-ordinator
Victoria Division
Engineers Australia

Lynette Joyce French has been a Maths and Science teacher for almost twenty years. She has worked at city secondary schools, TAFE and in community outreach programs. For the last 15 years she worked in a small isolated rural P-12 School in a tourist town in Northeast Victoria, near the snowfields. As a coordinator of the post compulsory years of schooling she has taken a particular interest in the pathways of exiting students, and in 2003 gained a position working, on secondment from schools, for Engineers Australia as Education Program Coordinator.

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