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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Redesigning Teacher Preparation for a Changing World: Moving from a Segregated to an Inclusive Model of Schooling

Dr Diane Schwartz, Dr Darra Pace.

In 1997 United States legislation (IDEA) mandated the inclusion of students with special needs in the least restrictive environment which is considered the general education classroom. In actuality the move to an inclusive model of education involved more than adding onto traditional educational preparation. Successful inclusive education requires a paradigm shift that demands an understanding of the language of inclusion and the conceptual foundation that it frames. Legal requirements may be the most immediate and obvious impetus for implementation for inclusion. The complexity of change from a segregated model of education to an inclusive one goes beyond meeting the letter of the law.
Fullan (1982) points out that change must be examined "in regard to the difficulty, skill required, and extent of the alterations in beliefs, teaching strategies, and use of materials." This five year retrospective study chronicles specific projects developed to implement inclusive education in teacher preparation.
This presentation describes lessons learned and the progress made as well as the challenges remaining to achieve quality inclusive teacher preparation.


Dr Diane Schwartz  (United States)
Director of Special Education
School of Education and Allied Human Services
Hofstra University

Dr Darra Pace  (United States)

School of Education and Allied Human Services
Hofstra University

  • Inclusion
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Educational Change

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)