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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Teacher Education in Cyberspace: Broadening Cross-cultural Awareness via Technology

Celina Echols, Dr. Elinor L. Brown, Patricia Calloway, Marcus Henderson.

In considering the enormity of the current and projected teacher shortage, rising tuition costs and more stringent content area certification requirements, many teacher education programs have begun to reexamine their approach to teacher preparation. In this light, this presentation examines an site-base and distance education approach to alternative certification at two institutions, one urban and one rural. The implications from this study suggest that technology is an ideal tool that allows students to interact across cohorts, form small group learning communities, and receive timely instructor feedback, and where instructors can debrief field experiences, resolve cultural misconceptions, and modify future lesso


Celina Echols  (United States)
Southeastern Louisiana University
College of Education Department of Educational Leadership and Technology
Southeastern Louisiana University

Celina Echols is an associate professor whose research interest includes issues of psychology, technology, race, and culture among children, adolescents, and adult learners.

Dr. Elinor L. Brown  (United States)
Professor of Teacher Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction College of Education
University of Kentucky

Elinor Brown's research interests Include: the relationship of self-concept to cross-cultural sensitivity, multicultural teacher education, cultural diversity pedagogy, and the influence of social class structure on the academic and social development of children. I teach graduate level: foundation of education, teacher preparation, research in multicultural education, education in a culturally diverse society, and student teaching. I have presented at both national (AERA, NAME) and international conferences ( China, Zimbabwe) and published in major journals ( JTE, Urban Education

Patricia Calloway  (United States)

Doctoral Program in Education
University of Kentucky

Marcus Henderson  (United States)
Doctoral Program in Education
University of Kentucky

  • Technology
  • Alternative certification
  • Cultural awareness

(30min Paper Presentation, English)