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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Investigating Digital Literacies: A Situated Perspective

Assoc. Prof. Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith, Dr Geraldine Castleton.

The paper presents some empirical data from a longitudinal study that aims at identifying and examining the educational features associated with value-adding to the digital curricular literacy capabilities (DLC) of students with varying performance and process profiles. The study, funded by the Australian Research Council, adopts a situated perspective to investigate the patterns of performance that are evident across the high school years on school-relevant DLC tasks in a wide range of sites. Of special interest in the paper are the methodological issues associated with recording, code and analysing students' activities online, drawing on video screen tracking software. The software has been used to capture how students work individually and in small groups, moving through web investigations to generate new curricular knowledges and a final text presenting their learning.


Assoc. Prof. Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith  (Australia)
Research Centre Director
Centre for Applied Language, Literacy and Communication Studies
Griffith University, Queensland

Claire Wyatt-Smith is the Director of the Centre for Applied Language, Literacy and Communication Studies, Griffith University, Queensland. She is currently undertaking a five-year study of the digital literacy and curricular demands that students face as they work online on web investigations. This study builds on earlier work that investigated the literacy demands of curriculum in the post-compulsory years. She has published widely in the fields of literacy and assessment, and has a particular research interest in how teachers judge literacy achievement in schooling.

Dr Geraldine Castleton  (Australia)

Institute for Learning Communities
Bond University

  • Digital curricular literacies

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