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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Coach Education in Sport and the Rehabilitation of Young Offenders

Ian Stafford, Ben Alcock.

This study investigates the potential use of a coach education programme in sport for the rehabilitation of young offenders within Young Offenders' Institutes (YOI's) in England. The programme is examined through a model of stages devised by one of the authors and an extensive review of the limited research in the area. The general area of sport related to the prevention of criminal behaviour and social rehabilitation is examined. The research was conducted in three YOI's in England (two for male offenders and one for females). Fifty-eight young offenders on a current court sentence completed questionnaires about their interest in the programme. The research also involved interviews with two of the Directors of Physical Education from the YOI's and relevant representatives from Sport England, sports coach UK and selected National Governing Bodies of Sport. The results showed that young offenders' interest in the programme was varied. Sport England and sports coach UK representatives suggested there might be potential in such a programme and the Physical Education Directors also recognised the programme's potential, but raised concerns over the amount of external influence. Finally, it was acknowledged that the programme would have to be coordinated on a local level, taking into account the demands of certain institutions and the varying level of interest within them.


Ian Stafford  (United Kingdom)
Lecturer in Sport
Department of Sport and Health
University of Durham

Ian Stafford is the Course Leader for a Sport Degree that has a community focus. He has also worked as a teacher and a lecturer in teacher education.

Ben Alcock  (United Kingdom)

  • Coach education in sport
  • Rehabilitation of young offenders

(30 min Conference Paper, English)