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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Developing Reflective Writers in Primary Schools: Findings from Partnership Research

Dr Roy Corden, Dr Nicola Spice.

Despite some reservations over the efficacy of practitioner research, there have been positive moves to engage teachers, as classroom researchers, in partnership with Institutes of Higher Education. In England the Teacher Training Agency (1996) has provided bursaries for teachers to undertake small-scale research and the Department for Education and Skills (2000/1) has encouraged the development of school-based inquiry through a Best Practice Scholarship scheme. The paper describes work undertaken as part of a collaborative university-schools research project. In the Teaching Reading and Writing Links project 18 primary school teachers in 9 schools in Nottingham, England, worked as research partners. They explored ways of developing children as reflective writers. The research group wanted to know whether, through examining how texts are crafted by expert writers during literacy sessions, children might be encouraged to pay more attention to compositional rather than secretarial aspects of narrative writing during writing workshops. The overall writing achievement of 338 children was monitored over one school year and narrative writing from 60 case study children was evaluated at the beginning and end of the research period. In the paper the impact on achievement is illustrated, some examples of writing are analysed and evidence of development in children’s metacognition and confidence as writers is discussed.


Dr Roy Corden  (United Kingdom)
Reader in Education
Faculty of Education
Nottingham Trent University

Roy Corden is Reader in Language and Literature in Education at Nottingham Trent University, UK. He has worked in primary, middle and high schools and was a regional coordinator for the National Oracy Project in England and Wales (1988-91). He is a consultant to the Department for Education and Skills (UK). His research interests include children's writing and dialogic discourse in the classroom. His most recent publication Developing Narrative Writing (2002) is published by The United Kingdom Literacy Association.

Dr Nicola Spice  (United Kingdom)

Jesse Boot Primary School

  • Reflective Writers in Primary Schools
  • Partnership Research
  • Metacognition

(30 min Conference Paper, English)