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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Methods of Implementation and Adaptation of Modern Technologies in Elementary Education in Young Independent Republic

Anatoliy Medvedev.

The reform of national education in the Republic of Uzbekistan is a difficult process in the period of transition to market economy and construction of the open civil society. The work has been doing now in Elementary education for this process is tentative and insufficient. It predominately aims at monitoring of a level of students’ progress in a subject and is not connected with implementation of modern educational technologies in the process of teaching. Many efforts are undertaken in our school to cover this gap. The equipment of classroom is updated. Teachers are supplied with necessary scientific and practical literature. The Center of Law and Civil Literacy was opened in September 2000. To maintain the continuity of the educational process from pre-school to elementary school, the Independent Pre-school Education Center was created in September 2001. The modern teaching technologies and experience in the field of pre-school education are used there.
The process of transition from one education system to another is psychologically very hard. The problems arise because of the State standards and regularities for education frequently vary. In this situation the service of psychological support of students was created in our school. Parents are also involved in the work of this service. Simultaneously, a work on organization of modern management by school is conducted. Our teachers and administration participate in seminars and training programs. In spite of the positive changes the school suffers from the deficiency in funds. Unfortunately, any activity in our school is unavailable without sponsors’ funds.
The great experience, which our school gained solving questions of transition to the new educational system over last three-four years would be useful for other education organizations in the countries of the third world.


Anatoliy Medvedev  (Uzbekistan)

Director, Independent Pre-school Education Centre, and
Assistant Principal, Secondary School 71

I, Anatoliy Medvedev, was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on December 5, 1967.
In 1992 I graduated from the Tashkent State Technical University, on a specialty of an engineer – designer of radio equipment.
In 1990, I worked in Scientific-Industry Concern "Vostok" as an engineer-designer.
Since 1995 I have worked as a teacher of Technical Education in Secondary School 71 in Tashkent. I was awarded by the Department of National Education for an honest work and achievements in the teaching of the rising generation. In addition of my teaching activity I was a technical director and a coordinator of the project on organization methodical information Center of Law and Civil Literacy. The project, aimed at improvement of civil literacy of students and people in the neighborhood, has been supported by the "Open Society" foundation.
In 2000, I graduated from the Tashkent Public University of Legal Knowledge, specialty of a financial manager.
Since 2001 I am a director of the Independent Pre-school Education Center. The Center was organized under my supervision in 2001. It successfully participated in the competition of commercial educational organizations for the education of refugees’ children from Afghanistan held by the United Nation in Uzbekistan.
In 2002, I was appointed as a deputy principal of secondary school 71 in Tashkent. In 2002, I organized a work of a school website. Since then I am a president of the School Internet Club. Members of it participated in the competition of new information technologies held by the Department of National Education. One of the educational computer software has got through the first round. The final selection is scheduled for summer 2003.
I am married, has a son.

  • Elementary school
  • Education technologies
  • Commercial educational organization The Third World Country.

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