~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Conference Venue

Centro de Convenciones Pedagógicas de Cojímar (Cojímar Pedagogical Convention Centre)

Image:The 2004 Learning Conference will be held at Cojímar in Havana City, the capital of Cuba. Cuba has a tropical climate, and is almost always hot, and when it isn't, is very warm. Safety and security of tourists and overseas visitors is very high. Cojímar is the fishing village from which Ernest Hemingway used to put to sea for his beloved angling, and where his Nobel Prize-winning The Old Man and the Sea was set. As the site of the Panamerican Games, Cojímar has a complete modern tourist complex, the Villa Panamericana, with hotels and residences, shops, restaurants and all facilities.

The conference venue is the Central Institute for Pedagogical Sciences, Cojímar, Havana City, Cuba. This venue is a functioning educational institution, where community workers receive their professional education. It also serves as a well-appointed convention centre. Seminar rooms have air conditioning and views of the ocean. An airy open patio provides the ideal location for the Learning Conference's traditional 'Garden Conversations'.

The conference centre is about ten minutes by road from picturesque Old Havana, the UNESCO World Heritage classified historic heart of the city dating back to the fifteenth century. Its elegant squares, fine architecture, superb museums, famous music, and its vibrant culture and life generally—and, above all, its warm-spirited and generous people, cannot fail to interest and impress the visitor. Visits to schools (Cuba has literacy rates among the highest in the world) will be arranged, and cultural tours will be available.

Street Address of Conference Venue

Cojímar Pedagogical Convention Centre